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50 Years

2011 was the 50th year of Merlyn Colchester Racing Developments and saw Ben Mitchell in Dad’s MK 20 pushing Benn Simms hard for the HSCC Historic Formula Ford Championship, but not quite making it. Still I’m sure that Mum was pleased to see the Merlyn Trophy return to the Mitchell’s home.

2012 started badly and saw the passing of Selwyn who died at the age of 78 on 3rd of March following a long illness. Selwyn had set up Colchester Racing Developments, designed the cars, built the first cars and throughout production was always ready to dive in with the welding torch when necessary. Selwyn was buried close to his home in his beloved South of France where he has lived since 1984.

On a happier note Callum Grant has had a fantastic year in his MK20. With 2 races remaining he cannot be overtaken in this year’s HSCC Historic Formula Ford Championship and in September he passed his driving test!

The final 2012 HSCC meeting at Silverstone saw Stuart Baird take his first win this season in his MK11A to give him 4th place in the championship. Newcomer Josh West was third and a down on power 2012 champion  Callum Grant was 5th. An amazing 11 Merlyns finished in the top 14 places. 

Sam Mitchell won the Formula Ford category of the 2012 HSCC Classic Racing Car championship in Dad’s MK20 with Martin Haines 2nd in his MK20. 

Joao Paolo Campos Costa won the French Historic Championship in his MK24 with Thierry Gallo 3rd in his MK20.

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