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Historic Formula Ford 2013

Congratulations to Sam Mitchell for winning the 2013 HSCC Formula Ford Championship  and of course the Merlyn trophy in dad’s Merlyn MK20A. Sam didn’t have the best start to the season, but put all that and most of his competitors behind him to score six wins.

Sam first competed in Formula Ford in 2012 and won the Formula Ford section of the Classic Racing Car Championship. 2013 saw Jono Baines take that honour in his Merlyn MK 20, well done to him.

Well done also to Daniel Pickett who was Historic Formula Ford Novice Champion with his MK20 Merlyn.

2013 saw only a few entries for last year’s champion Callum Grant and a single start for Callum McLeod both drivers scoring wins in Merlyn MK20.

It was nice to see Kevin Stanzl bring out his Merlyn MK 20 again after quite a few years and together with the stalwarts keep Merlyns as the most popular entrant.

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